Augmented Reality & Remote Support

RamsayPharma are excited to introduce a range of remote support options to support our clients worldwide. We have summarized our remote services on the "Remote Support" page of our website

With the outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, there is a need for pharmaceutical manufacturers to access expert support remotely in lieu of the traditional on-site consultation. This has a range of benefits for the clients- allowing them to ensure continuity of supply & ongoing guidance & advice during this difficult time. Benefits include:

  • Rapid deployment of support
  • Access multiple experts simultaneously
  • Minimise travel & cost

RamsayPharma are excited to introduce the latest technology to aid clients in remote support- Augmented Reality videoconferencing. This technology allows clients to interact real time with remote experts/consultants. It also allows the remote experts/consultants to actively engage with the client and the remote environment- annotating in real time points of interest for the client to see and interact with. Possible applications include:

  • Facility Tours
  • Process Observation
  • SME Coaching
  • Self-Inspection support & coaching
  • GEMBA & Shop Floor support
  • Remote Audits

We are excited to introduce this technology and better serve clients. RamsayPharma can provide lease units on loan for the duration of assignments.

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