Remote Support

RamsayPharma offers comprehensive remote support solutions

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RamsayPharma are excited to offer cutting edge technology to support remote clients.

Augmented reality glasses allow RamsayPharma consultants to engage directly with facility environments & personnel. This allows for remote support not previously possible such as:

  • Facility Tours
  • Process Observation
  • SME Coaching
  • Self-Inspection support & coaching
  • GEMBA & Shop Floor support
  • Remote Audits

Coupled with videoconferencing & remote support of documents, Augmented Reality affords a unique opportunity for remote support.

RamsayPharma can provide the necessary hardware on lease to facilitate rapid deployment to your facility world-wide:

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Latest Technology

RamsayPharma operate the latest technology in supporting our clients remotely. We make use of augmented reality headsets to facilitate remote support and review. Contact us for a demo!

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Rapid Deployment

RamsayPharma can deploy remote support options rapidly. Technology allows our experts to support you and your teams rapidly- with shop floor presence where it counts.

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Coaching & Support

RamsayPharma can offer real time remote coaching. Using the latest technology you can have an expert consultant virtually join your self-inspection or audit team. Allow us to coach and support in real time.