Skills and technical capabilities are critical to your organisation's effectiveness. Regulators are constantly assessing your organisation's quality culture, and competencies. 

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What We Offer

We can offer you a range of Quality, Compliance and Technical training to suit your needs. We can offer tailored training solutions for your specific needs or you can choose from a range of common training modules.


We offer a range of common Quality & Compliance training modules. For example:

  • GMP Training
  • Self-Inspection training
  • Quality oversight & effective Management Review


Assistance in managing risks identified internally or via self-inspection.

  • Overview of EU Regulatory Inspectorates
  • EU Enforcement actions (IAG & CMT)
  • Data Integrity
  • Common deficiencies
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RamsayPharma have regulatory experience in dealing with and resolving serious non-compliance cases. We know what the regulators want and how best to avoid issues.

Tailored Training

RamsayPharma can offer tailored training solutions to meet your needs. We can offer remote training, e-learning and in-house training to meet your needs. 

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Pragmatic Solutions

RamsayPharma always offer pragmatic, workable solutions to challenges. We can share industry best practice and ways of working.